• The Phoenix Behind Elite Neurodistinct Solutions

    Arwyn, an indigeneous-ashkenazi queer woman with purple reddish curly hair, green eyes and is looking to the side.

    Arwyn: A Vanguard of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Arwyn stands at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, her life’s work serving as a beacon of triumph and empowerment. With an illustrious career highlighted by the stewardship of a $90M+ business portfolio, Arwyn has shattered ceilings and paved the way for others. Her expertise in developing comprehensive DEI programs and her transformative coaching approach underscores her dedication to fostering inclusive environments.
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    Career Highlights: A Testament to Excellence

    Leading With Authenticity


    • Empowered Team Building: Arwyn's leadership has resulted in 825 successful placements with a 98% retention rate, showcasing her commitment to creating and nurturing diverse and empowered teams.
    • Strategic Business Management: Managing a $90M+ business book demonstrates her strategic finesse and keen understanding of business dynamics in diverse settings.
    • Innovative DEI Initiatives: A pioneer in DEI program development, Arwyn has led neurodiversity hiring initiatives and inclusive practices, setting new standards for organizational inclusivity.
    • Global Advocacy and Influence: Internationally recognized advocate and keynote speaker, Arwyn drives impactful conversations around the world, inspiring change and fostering understanding.
    • Holistic Coaching & Healing: Certified in life coaching, Crystal, Energy, Reiki & Advanced Practices, Arwyn specializes in spiritual and physical wellness, offering transformative coaching and cross-generational mentoring that transcends traditional boundaries.